How Media Affects the Way Beauty is Perceived

Beauty is one of the hot topics of our society today as people are striving to look like the beautiful models they see on TV, ads and movies. This is because the media has defined for us what beauty is, and what it isn’t. What they forget is that ordinary people come in different looks, sizes, shapes and color. As the media is our gatekeeper, people who regulate the media have the responsibility to make sure that the message they are sending out is the right on; that message should not harm society, rather should promote the well-being of our society.

Dove Real beauty Campaign is one of the most discussed beauty campaigns I came across recently. When people talk about beauty today, there is always a controversy that emerges because some people are fine with the way things are, and the way beauty is portrayed in the media, especially on TV, movies and ads. Other people aren’t as happy and say that the way beauty is portrayed today in media is wrong because of the consequences that this portrayal of beauty is having in society.

We have seen an increase in the use of different types of cosmetic products and plastic surgeries because everyone wants to look like the model they see on TV, ads and movies.  Unfortunately, most people haven’t understood how those women and men come to look so perfect on screen. Those people are beautiful, I can’t deny it, but they aren’t perfect because what we see is the result of real beauty combined with a lot of makeup, Photoshop and sometimes even plastic surgeries.

It is important that people start to see themselves as beautiful to reinforce self-esteem among people. I believe that this is where Dove got the idea of the Real Beauty Campaign that has been really successful, communication wise, since the early 2000. This video of evolution beauty shows how a normal-looking person can look like a model in just a glimpse. It is  a matter of proper make up, proper hair cut and some Photoshop and you are good to go.

For me, the idea behind this campaign is genuine as it touches to a social issue and trend that affects our society today. It is important that people get to love who they are, and how they look like.

Dove Real Beauty Sketches video is an example of how people tend to have a different view of how they really look like. Most of those women defined their “beauty” in the way they feel, and not in the way they actually look like, or in the way people really see them.

For me, media is to blame for the low self-esteem that people tend to have today. If the media portrayed people regardless of their looks, just ordinary people ( beautiful, ugly, thin, overweight, etc.), then our society wouldn’t focus much on beauty, rather people would channel their energy to improve their lives.


4 thoughts on “How Media Affects the Way Beauty is Perceived

  1. I really think more advertising companies should do this. This actually makes me proud to buy Dove products. We need to come to the age that doesn’t promote model perfectness but instead the beauty on the inside.

    Sometimes I wish I could photoshop all my pictures to perfection!

    Black and White Copies

    • You are right Tyler. companies today are just selling perfection and taking advantage of people’s ignorance to sell them products that will make them look like those models they see on TV, which is usually very unrealistic.

      • It’s really sad because I tried to do modeling once, I got a pointless degree in it. They told me I was perfect. Then the reality hit, I wasn’t tall enough for the runway, and to flat-chested to for the catalogs. Advertisement is a cruel creature. I’m really very, very proud of Dove. I hope this really does take on a new trend. Instead of showing hilarious commercials at the Super Bowl show things like this.

  2. I am sorry to hear about that. i don’t understand why they wouldn’t let you ads because real world people come in every size, height, shape etc. that’s really unfair. hopefully, companies start doing what Dove is doing

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