The Rhetoric Behind Luxury Cars

Most of us believe that the car that one drives is the extension of who we are. It is mostly true for some people. If we see a woman driving a Volvo, we would assume that she is a mother. And why that? Because Volvo are known to be family cars for their safety attributions. Another thing that makes people define who you are because of the car you are driving is the amount of money spent to buy that car. We know that someone is rich if he /she is driving a luxury car like a Porsche or another luxury car.

Luxury Cars Luxury cars are known not only for their prices, but also for their comfort, features and above all their safety. But what does it really mean to drive a luxury car? is there a difference between someone who drives a Ferrari and someone who drives a Lamborghini? Of course there is. Besides social status, luxury cars communicate something else.

If someone is driving a Ferrari, it means that not only they like and practice sport, it is also suitable for everyday use.

Driving a Porsche is a symbol of autonomy. Driving a Bugatti means that someone is on the next level of luxury. The engine of the car alone cost 100,000 Euros, the price of some new luxury cars. Starting from this observation one can only suspect that the Bugatti Veyron is not a model for the common mortal, but a great jewelry on wheels that will please fans of road and sports car, although it would be a tragedy to play such a machine by incorrect operation of the circuit.

Rolls Royce on the other hand, known  the flying woman brand, is just the synonym of perfection. Both the beauty and the features of the car makes it a scarce in the automobile industry. Someone who is driving this, as you probably know, is on the other level, no needs to describe him/her.

This just a example of what a luxury car can mean and believe me, this not the end the of the list. There are still so many brands out there like the Maserati or Aston Martin, the James Bond-like car, and so many more that have a meaning to it.

as I always say, everything is communication, we just did that with luxury cars